11+1 G-Shocks

View Poll Results: Which G-Shock should I wear for the month of December?

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  • G-056B

    1 1.82%
  • GW-1400DA

    2 3.64%
  • DW-5600E

    13 23.64%
  • GW-300

    1 1.82%
  • GL-7500-9VDR

    3 5.45%
  • DW6900-1V

    2 3.64%
  • GW225A-1

    12 21.82%
  • G-9000

    9 16.36%
  • G300

    1 1.82%
  • G9100

    6 10.91%
  • MRG-121T

    5 9.09%

Thread: 11+1 G-Shocks

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    Picture 11+1 G-Shocks

    Some of you may have seen my blog, 12 Gs. Some of you may have even followed along, and thanks for that. At about the end of July I had a severe case of burnout on the project and watches in general. I had eleven G-Shocks but just wasn't looking forward to searching for number twelve. I've decided not to go for number twelve (this year anyway) and am asking you to tell me which I should wear for the final month of the project, December.

    So, what's it to be? In order they were worn:

    January's G-056B

    February's GW-1400DA

    March's DW5600E

    April's GW-300

    May's GL-7500-9VDR

    June's DW6900-1V

    July's GW225A-1

    August's G9000

    September's G300

    October's G9100

    November's MRG-121T

    Please leave reasons for picking a particular model, comments on the project, or just say hi. If you want to see more of a particular model just ask. I need to figure out my new camera.

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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    Nice collection.

    The MRG-121T is just a "chunk of love" but... you've only just worn it.

    I voted for the GW225A-1, simply because I want one
    There goes a Narwhal!

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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    I voted G9100. Some people don't like metal bands at this time of year so I ruled those out. With the weather being dark and dismal I thought good legibility helps, so I ruled out negative and not-too-clear displays. That left the Mudman, Gulfman and G-7500. Yellow is more a summer colour. The red Mudman probably isn't too bright a colour for winter, but it was close between the two so it got the boot for being colourful.
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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    I'm not sure why but I voted for the GL-7500-9VDR. Something cool about it, the color maybe
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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    Nice range! I voted for the red muddie. Seems like a good one considering the festive season approaching...

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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    I generally advice against wearing one of the bright colored ones in the winter because you often wear long sleeves and jackets. These can stain the watch, and also bright ones is supposed to be show-off's that can be seen and not hidden under a sleeve!

    My best recommendation would be to get the new Crazy Color DW-6900CS-1 in Black/lime version. That one is very black yeat very colorfull at the same time, its an awesome piece all year round!
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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    I'd wear the Frogman from December through . . . . . next December if it was me.

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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks


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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    I really like the G7500 but the Frog is first pick. I changed the bezel and strap of my DB Frog to the GG and really like the look. maybee you dont need a 12th but how about a new GG bezel strap for the Frog

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    Re: 11+1 G-Shocks

    I think that you should buy your 12th gshock. You already came all the way to November. Go on and complete your 12-Gs project.

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