So what is the 1CL model all about? I just grabbed a DW6900-1CL and a DW5600E-1CL from Kohls to try them out and decide on my first G-Shock.

The 1CL isn't something I've seen mentioned in the forums here and I'd like to know what it means. I know these aren't solar models or anything fancy, but I can't find much info about them. Google and forum searches turn up zilch.

Anyway, I can tell already that I don't need two black G-Shocks. I would probably dye or mod a 6900 if I kept one. Means I would have to buy a white one then huh?

I wasn't sure about the retro square look of the 5600 but I kind of like it now that I've tried it on.

Function wise, these are both pretty plain. Perhaps I'd be better off getting a G9000 model instead of the 6900? Or get a cheap white 6900 to dye, get a nice 9000 model to keep as is and drop the 5600 because I already have a couple of "classy" dress watches.