1st anniversary in this forum - Part 2

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    1st anniversary in this forum - Part 2

    Here are the second part of my G-Shock collection. I presented the first 10 in another thread and they were:
    GW-9200 Riseman
    GW-M5600 with bracelet
    GW-9010 Mudman
    DW-9100 Riseman
    DWG-100 Lungman
    DW-6300 Frogman

    I currently have 20 G-Shock watches in total. I will present the next ten in the order i bought them. As you can see on the list above i have bought a few Masters. There are 8 more in the last ten:

    My 11th G-Shock is the old DW-8400 Mudman. It is much larger than the new Mudman.

    11th G: DW-8400 Mudman

    Comparison with the new Mudman:

    The next one is the DW-9700 Gulfman. This is the best Gulfman IMO for two reasons: The new atomic/solar GW-9100 Gulfman don't have a tide/moon graph, only the non-solar, non atomic G-9100 Gulfman has that. Therefore I think the DW-9700 should be compared to the G-9100 and the old model is solar which I think makes it better.

    12th G: DW-9700 Gulfman

    The 13th G is one of the favourites on the G-Shock Forum. It is the big DW-9300 Raysman, the first G-Shock with solar panel. As I have said before, bigger is better and the Raysman scores high on that.

    13th G: DW-9300 Raysman

    Next one is my first ana-digi G-Shock, the AWG-571 Gaussman.

    14th G: AWG-571 Gaussman

    Number 15 is the DW-8600 Fisherman. It is the predecessor to the Gulfman. The main difference is that the Fisherman don't have solar panel, but it has temperature sensor. I had to have it since it is part of the Master series, but I like the Gulfman better.

    15th G: DW-8600 Fisherman

    The next G has become one of my favourites. It is probably also the only atomic G I will buy that don't sync in Europe. It is the GW-100 Antman, the first atomic G. I like it very much because of the rolling digits in timekeeping mode. It also has other features I don't have in my other Gs, day counter and phone book. It also has world time, but lacks timer. It is one of my favourites because of the looks and the rolling digits.

    16th G: GW-100 Antman

    The next G has something no other G-Shocks have, a compass. It is the DW-9800 Wademan. It has a rotating bezel and a thermometer. I like it because of its size and the features, but it has maybe a bit smaller digits than on other Gs. I like sensors on the Gs very much and a dream would be to have a true ABC G-Shock.

    17th G: DW-9800 Wademan

    I already have one Frogman, but I think I should have one Frog from each Frogman series. My 18th G is the DW-8200 Frogman. It has the same features as the DW-6300, but it has got EL backlight. It is also made of titanium and feels very solid with the screwback.

    18th G: DW-8200 Frogman

    The next G-shock i my currently most expensive and one I didn't think I would be able to buy because it is very rare. But then it popped up on the sales forum and I had to grab it. It is the MRG-1200T Revman. I don't know if this could be called a part of the Master series because of the name, but I would say it is a higher class than that since it is an MRG model. It is made of titanium and the bracelet is also titanium. It is called Revman since it has two stopwatches so it can time two racecars. It became one of the favourites immediately when I recieved it. I think the only negative part is that the digital part is reversed and hard to read, but it has EL backlight to compensate for that. Probably my only MRG (at least for a long time).

    19th G: MRG-1200T Revman

    My currently last G-Shock arrived on saturday. As you can see I have mostly bought older G-Shock models, but I also like some of the new models. The 20th G is the MTG-1500. It has the new Tough Movement which uses LEDs to auto-correct the hand positions if they have come out of position by for example a shock. I think it looks very good. It has a tiny LED at the bottom to illuminate the watch so you can see the hands in the dark. A very good ana-digi watch, which combines the best from the analog and digital world of watches. I think this will stay on my wrist at least a week before changing to another G.

    20th G: MTG-1500

    That was the 20 Gs I currently have, but I have two more incoming at the moment. I will present them when I get them. I will post a 3rd Part with photos of my whole collection, and also some other photos of my other Casio and G-Shock related stuff. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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    Re: 1st anniversary in this forum - Part 2

    quite the collection! Thanks for sharing.
    Couple of watches here and there

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    Re: 1st anniversary in this forum - Part 2

    Mate, I just love your collection! Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: 1st anniversary in this forum - Part 2

    Great models, and photos. Happy anniversary.

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    Thumbs Up Re: 1st anniversary in this forum - Part 2

    OK... YOU CAN SEE =>

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