1st Dye Job, What do you think?

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    Smile 1st Dye Job, What do you think?

    Basically I'm new to this forum first of all (first post and all), but I've used this site to get more info and the users seem clued on and awesome.

    Anyway, my first ever G, the DW-6900NB-7ER.

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    Now it looks like this:

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    What do you think? I really did want it jet black but on the inside of the band came out like that. I did "stealth" the bezel to get the grey lettering paint off, thanks to one of the UK users on here, I just used non-acetone nail polish remover from superdrug and went on it with a stiff brush. I'm not sure on the LE button, I don't even have the right paints yet anyway ... Just thought I'd show you guys!

    *Sorry about the bad quality pictures, I had to downsize it because it wasn't uploading for a while but turns out I had to log back in for some reason haha anyway peace*
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