2019 Baselworld Watches
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Thread: 2019 Baselworld Watches

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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    Thank you, very interesting

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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    Interesting selection there.

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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    MRG stunning. MTG interesting...

    Edit: Just watched video. I like it...

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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    With the GG-B100, it’s the 1st ana/dig watch within Casio’s more recent models (G’s and Trek’s) that actually has a 24hr CDT. It’s always been a pathetic 60min timer.
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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    Interesting? ..... GG-B100 is hard to use without a smartphone. No solar.
    MTG-B1000RB....mh rainbow coloured on my wrist? No, not really.
    Works for me internally now under Christopher Street Day Edition.

    The GST-B200 seems to be quite ok to me. You have to see real I think.
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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like GG is the way to go!
    But the dimensions... seems wrong..55.4×34.9×19.3 mm
    That will be super tight if it's true...

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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    Don't see anything I really want.

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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    I think the purple MR-G looks crazy cool, but I likely won't pick it up. Out of all of these, I think I like the new Mudmaster with carbon core structure.
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    Re: 2019 Baselworld Watches

    I have mixed feelings.

    For one, the GG-B100 is a step in the right direction. A smartish fitness watch with G-Shock toughness. However, the lack of solar spoils the picture - not so different than the rest of the overcrowded fitness watch market. Plus 19.3mm thickness - the thing is a millimeter thicker than the GPW-2000 and just another shy of the Rangebeast. Who will rock this thing when there are fitness watches easily half as thick.

    I like the MR-G G2000, the purplish color works with black and red, but I'm no way selling my house to get one.

    Rainbow MT-G: reserving judgment until seeing it in person, but it's destined to be the shelf queen. Ion plating is no DLC and I doubt it'd age well.

    The true revelation is the new Manta: just 9.4mms thick and moderate size. Looks great, with typical understated Oceanus design. It would make a great formal watch.

    No new ProTrek non-smart models (apart from a special edition of the venerable PRW-7000). I hoped the PRW-50 would be unveiled here or any other new model.
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