25th Annivversary G-Shock, European model.

Thread: 25th Annivversary G-Shock, European model.

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    Wink 25th Annivversary G-Shock, European model.

    I received a brochure of Casio G-Shock for the Spring/Summer collection 2008. To my biggest surprise I saw the GW-9025A-1ER "Mud Major". Finally the timeline in Europe is synchronized with Japan and the US. G-Shock was introduced in 1994 in Germany, and somehow the DW-6600 was always persistent "the First G-Shock"...

    Also the GW-9000 is finally part of the European collection. Too bad we have no JC Penney. The suggested retail price is €149 for both models ($235, ¥23250). In the Netherlands you can't expect a 10% discount....


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    Re: 25th Annivversary G-Shock, European model.

    the mudman is so beautiful.
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