3 G-Shock's (GW-M5600-1EV & G5600A-7DR & G5600A-9DR)

Thread: 3 G-Shock's (GW-M5600-1EV & G5600A-7DR & G5600A-9DR)

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    Video 3 G-Shock's (GW-M5600-1EV & G5600A-7DR & G5600A-9DR)

    Hello there,

    After remembering that I owned a Casio way back in the end of the 80's beginning 90's when in school I kind of always wanted to have one again.

    Even though I am currently looking into my watch collection to most probably reduce some pieces, I am not planning to let any of the G-Shocks go.

    For 2 reasons:

    1) They were affordable and good value for money
    2) They are my travel and tool watches

    I mostly use them for sports activities, especially swimming as I am stopping my laps to compare them later and log them online.

    The best thing about these 3 pieces is that I won't have to open them up and to change a battery as I was particular about the Tough Solar Function.

    These original design G´Shocks are in my opinion Classics (at least the black one) and they are perfect if I am leaving house in shorts and with the 3 colors available I am kind of able to match them to most of my leisure outfits.

    Enough talk, here the videos:

    And all three of them together (with their little brother):

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