35th Frog
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Thread: 35th Frog

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    35th Frog

    had this on layaway at my local AD. they offered to me at 20% off and how could i say no? so i made a few payments and this past saturday must have been slow. i came in to put some more on it (this is 10 minutes after my Sears Edifice incident) and the manager -here me Mr. Blart, MANAGER- asked if i could pay it off. i said it really wasnt in my budget at the moment (didnt say i was at another store dropping cash). she then offers to void the layaway and ring it up at 30% off and take it home.

    i instantly said no, we already had an agreement and it was only right to stick to it.....

    that was for the moral compass' here,--- i said, "lets do it!"

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    Re: 35th Frog

    congrats! :)

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    35th Frog

    Very very nice Steelerswit Tomorrow its Froggy Friday party time .. and I will be pulling off my best one I got at the moment Enjoy and great 35th sequels on F17. Big congrats

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    Re: 35th Frog

    Congrats, man!! Such a beaut!
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    Re: 35th Frog

    Beautiful! Those little details are outstanding! Wear it in good health.
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    Re: 35th Frog

    Quote Originally Posted by Deepsea_dweller View Post
    Very very nice Steelerswit Tomorrow its Froggy Friday party time .. and I will be pulling off my best one I got at the moment Enjoy and great 35th sequels on F17. Big congrats

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    Where is this party please ... ?
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    Nice deal lucky! Man, let's head to Vegas and toss some bones! With your lucky streak we can buy a whole ponds worth of Froggies when we're done!
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    Re: 35th Frog

    Congrats on the purchase! The Frogman is one of my top picks.

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    Re: 35th Frog

    Very nice Steelers. Saw one the other day and fancied it but I fought the “buy” monster and managed to win this time around.

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