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    5100 vs DW-5000

    Why this?
    Both sellers are from Spain and none of them has relevant feedback.
    One has reached 1075$ and the other hasn't even sold at 300$.
    Does anyone care to comment on this?




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    Re: 5100 vs DW-5000

    Funny market cycles on these vintage G's, one week worth a fortune the next you can hardly give em away. I never saw the 5100 listing, the 5000 I almost opened a bid on it's second listing but when I went back the min bid amount had been raised. Was burned once on the bay by a seller who could not hold a firm price on a "buy it now" and after the auction tried to negotiate for even more money. That 5000 is tempting though.

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    Re: 5100 vs DW-5000

    The DW-5000C-1A looked good but was priced too high. Actually, I expected it to sell until the price was raised at the last minute.

    The WW-5100C-9 is a rarity. The buyer got a deal. He can probably resell on YJ for double. Wish I could've bid on it...

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    Re: 5100 vs DW-5000

    The dw-5000 with 240 module is nice and my favorite watch but that one seller is selling it 300 but it got an crack not that link upwards on ebay and that should be cheaper and dw-5100 are very rare cause they only made two of them as ww-5100 and ww-5300 with 491 module and they are same format as 240 module but no light and that's why those are more higher than dw-5000 and they made 4 different types with 240 module as dw-5000,dw-5200,dw-5400,dw-5500 and dw5400 is first round g-shock and dw-5500 was an g-shock 2 that came out 1985 but that was last 240 module with half hour beep then two years later that dw-5600 came out with two modules as 691 and 901 with dual time, reminder mark, longer timer than older g-shocks.
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