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    5600 question 5600c

    I hope someone can help me
    I have a 5600c and can't get parts anywhere for reasonable prices
    I am looking for bezel screws. Does anyone know of you can use another type of screw, either watch screw, casio or g-shock screw, or from another source?
    Maybe a jeweler or hobby shop? I doubt they charge more than those that pop up on eBay plus I could try it out while I was there.
    Any thoughts? Anyone also looking for these and finding it difficult?
    I won't even ask for the gold accent ones, haha
    Feel free to pm or email me
    Thanks for reading

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    Re: 5600 question 5600c

    I wish someone could find an alternate source of these screws. Casio discontinued the silver screws within the last couple years. I looked into finding other ones that would work, but never had any luck. It's a very tiny and particular screw design. It's too bad these can break off so easily. You have to be kind of careful with them.

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