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    What is it with G-Shocks? I’d never once thought of buying one of these until two days ago. I had seen them in shop windows, and hadn’t even taken a closer look. Now I’ve got one and think it’s the coolest, maddest watch on the planet. Cool, because it’s as stealthy as a black cat at midnight; mad, because the display fails any reasonable test of clarity, and the approximate integration of the band gives the watch a chopped-off and jacked-up appearance. It’s those Wongster pictures – they’ve had the power of advertising, and the thing has crept up on me like an assassin.

    I really like the width of the band, having always found the resin band a bit skinny. The wide rectangle of the 5600 seems to be asking for a wider band. When I first put it on, I wondered why people were so keen to change it. Then I noticed the ‘pagoda’ effect, and the band retainer looked a bit flimsy too.

    I don’t generally like to modify things, but this is already modified by Casio, so the field is wide open, I reckon. I could do nothing and still have a fine and funky watch, even if it does have flaws. I could put a standard band on it for a ‘half-Wongster’, followed by the ‘full-Wongster’ when I get the protector. Or… I have a 24mm Zulu plus adapters arriving any day, and that might give it a better-integrated low-profile look (the ‘Zulu tribe’ mod?). I’m not completely sure about protectors – forum members have said that they don’t always fit that well, and that they scuff the bezel – but I’ll give it a try (the ‘Zulu tribe isihlangu’ mod?).

    Great fun, this watch! Not the best for telling the time, it’s true… but it’s good to know that Casio remains interested in putting out such a splendidly bonkers piece of kit.

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    I got the same one last teusday as a birthday gift from my wife, the watch band wears great, but still i am waiting on the resinband and hopefully the blackprotector. I think it will give a more stealthy look to it.

    Grtz and have fun with this great watch.

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    Hi Tribe (and [email protected]),

    I thinkthe (M-Spec) DW-5600b is one of the best looking version of this model. I have two and love it.


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