9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins
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Thread: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

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    9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

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    During the 25th anniversary (2008) Casio was mid-years of the first Atomic + Non-Atomic version generation. The atomic reception is called Waveceptor technology by Casio and that is why there is a “W” to differentiate two versions. Nowadays they can be difficult to tell apart other than some script on the face or a letter on the caseback (different mural for Master of G’s).

    During this generation the watches were vastly different. The Gulfman (and the Mudman for that matter) is a great representation of that. You will read here on WUS and elsewhere “you give up too much for the atomic” was pretty much based on this generation. On top of this, the atomics were pretty much “Japan only” so on top of different features, they also looked very different. Did I mention the atomics were solar and the non-atomics weren’t? Casio even went so far as to name the Japanese version of a family different from the Rest of World version. This pair of Gulfmen aptly respresents this gap. The Atomic one is a GW-9100R-4 from the Men In Rescue Orange (MIRO) family while the Non-Atomic one is a G-9100R-4 from the G-Rescue family. You can see in the pic above, they are different.

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    Starting with no tidal info or moon graph?!?! What??? This has been a signature item/feature of the Gulfman since the beginning on the grandfather “Fisherman” (DW-8600)! Crazy talk but true on this gen atomic Gulfman. Instead the highlight is the “revolver” on the right where each circle represents one of the towers at the time. 2 in Japan, 1 in US, 1 in UK, and 1 in Germany. This is also where it gets its nickname.

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    Moving on to the casebacks you can see more. The physical signature of the Gulfman is the Titanium case back and scews (the ones that hold the straps to the bezel) for corrosion resistance. The mural has been a turtle scraping its shell (such as keeping barnacles off) to represent this. Continues through this generation as well.

    Name:  Surfer Case Back.jpg
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    To represent this on the atomic Casio bolted a little Dish Network receiver onto the shell. It is still scrubbing away with the left “hand”.

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    Quick apology here . I received this one in well-loved condition. Because of this I have put new resin and bezel on it . I still have no idea how the previous owner scratched up the case back sooooo much.

    Both plainly say the backplate is made in Thailand, but not so much about the rest. Both carry “Japan” on the buckle FWIW. Also you can see on the backs that the non-atomic uses module 3088 while the atomic uses module 3089. I’m going to delve into these differences some more. First to show this generation used the same resin. It was later the Gulfman atomics got different bands.

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    Starting off with the Time screen (or “home” screen or “default” screen). With the non-atomic the tidal and moon chart is easy to see. Here the circle on the right is purely for visual second counting.

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    Across the top is the day of the week and the month/date. Below of course is current time. As a side note, this watch also has Auto EL.

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    On to the atomic Gulfman. That center piece is now to represent the PowerSave function on the right “PS”, the battery level (left to right) followed by the “revolver”. Notice the circle pieces on these two watches are in different places as well. Above is just the month/date and below is the current time with a litany of markers across the bottom. Alarm “ALM”, Snooze “SNZ”, and Signal or hourly chime “SIG” on the left. Something “SPL” (split?), “MUTE”, Auto EL “A.EL”, and Daylight Savings Time “DST” on the right.

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    All right. Caught up. The Non-atomic has an extra screen next. When it says “MOON” the moon age on the bottom and when it says “TIDE” is shows a time (default is 6am) and the tide graph represents the tide at that time. The upper right shows the month/day so you can go forward or backward to see how each are on whatever day that interests you. To see a different area (for tide in particular) you change the GMT offset and the lat/long coordinates as well as the lunitudinal interval. A little cumbersome in this day, but it is on your wrist if your cell doesn’t have reception.

    Next up is world time on these. This feature happens to be the same on both. 48 cities in 29 time zones. Nothing shocking here.

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    Next is stopwatch and we are seeing some more variance, just not in the way you would think.

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    The Non-Atomic has a 24hr stopwatch with auto-repeat. Nothing is mentioned on how it marks the days elapsed.

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    The Atomic version has 1,000hr stopwatch! With auto-repeat. What? Did not see that coming! It does not keep track of how many times it “flipped”. If you are someone who needs a stopwatch of this capacity, I would think 40 day interval should be relatively easy to deduce.

    “I thought the G-Rescue would be cooler than the MIRO here. This blows!” Things do turn around for the next two functions. Let’s start with the Count Down Timer “CDT”.

    Name:  Surfer CDT.jpg
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    On the G-Rescue it is 24hr to the minute settable. With Auto-Repeat, Progress Beeper, and a Countdown End Beeper function. I think you know if this is useful for you.

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    With the MIRO it is a 60min (to the minute settable) non-repeating CDT. Very “normal” on modern G’s.

    Next up is the Alarms. Very different, and not in the ways you may guess.

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    The G-Rescue has what I would call a robust alarm system. AL1 and AL2 and SNZ. There is also the Hourly Chime (a favorite around WUS). It has 4 alarm types:

    1. Daily. Every day at that time.
    2. Date. Set the month, day, and time. Basically a once a year alarm.
    3. 1-Month Alarm. The alarm sounds off everyday of the month you specified.
    4. Monthly Alarm. This alarm goes off every month on the date & time you set. Or a 12 time per year alarm.

    I would call this a robust alarm system! Used to see this a little more on G’s, but uncommon these days.

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    The MIRO? 5 alarms and hourly chime. “Wow, that’s waaay better”. Depends on your need. They are all one-time everyday alarms. They are all snoozable, but alarms 2-5 are either on or off. Can’t mix and match.

    So, how’d the count turn out? Gaining the atomic cost the Gulfman its main software/visual feature (tide and moon). The previous Gulfman was solar, so I think that was just marketing to differentiate even more. Lesser stopwatch, better CDT, and a robust alarm.

    As always, what do you value? This was more curiousity on my part to see how things were actually different. Hope you enjoyed it!

    Just for fun, a better view of the "set" I was using. Went to Wipio (part of Waipahu) to get in the red dirt some.

    Name:  The set.jpg
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Great write up!
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Thanks, that's very interesting and informative for me who don't know much about the Gulfman serie
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Both look awesome! Love that orange resin and Leonardo on the back! Lol
    great write up like always, thanks for sharing!
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Great read Chris, thanks!
    So, is there any orange G still out there that you don't have by now?
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Yep well done & great post as usual Chris. For the newer G-shockers, like me, also extremely informative. Awesome shots ! Thanks for sharing
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Superb write up!!!

    Learned a bunch as always!!! :)
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Great write-up! I thoroughly enjoyed it as I have my first two Gulfman watches incoming! Both are GW-910x and I can't wait!
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    Love this thread. All about the Gulfy series especially in orange. Gulfy all the way.....

    BTW, I thought the atomic version would come with the Titanium inner ring/bezel? Yours is the resin version?

    Cheerios! - kelfg2000
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    Re: 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins

    my congrats on finding the GW-9100R-4

    and as always, your thread about those G's are very enjoyable
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