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    About EL

    Hi everyone,
    I was reading this and thought some of you might find it interesting..


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    Re: About EL

    Cool link! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea Chrysler used electroluminescence in their 60's models cars... very cool.

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    Re: About EL

    Thanks for the link. A quote from the article:

    "Powder phosphor-based electroluminescent panels are frequently used as backlights to liquid crystal displays. They readily provide a gentle, even illumination to the entire display while consuming relatively little electric power. This makes them convenient for battery-operated devices such as pagers, wristwatches, and computer-controlled thermostats and their gentle green-cyan glow is a common sight in the technological world. They do, however, require relatively high voltage (between 60 and 600 volts) [1]. For battery-operated devices, this voltage must be generated by a converter circuit within the device; this converter often makes an audible whine or siren sound while the backlight is activated."

    EL requires high voltage of 60 - 600 volts... interesting stuff.

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