Adapters for GMW-B5000D...20mm or 22mm?
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Thread: Adapters for GMW-B5000D...20mm or 22mm?

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    Adapters for GMW-B5000D...20mm or 22mm?

    For those who have opted to go with an adapter, which did you choose-the 20mm or 22mm from Jay and Kay? I'm tempted to go with a 20mm but think a strap might look too thin on a 43mm watch. Your thoughts? :)

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    Re: Adapters for GMW-B5000D...20mm or 22mm?

    22 — 20 whould look to tiny.

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    Re: Adapters for GMW-B5000D...20mm or 22mm?

    Check the Jaysandkays Instagram for pics of the GMW squares on a 20 mm strap. I think it's the perfect size for all regular squares (not the King). 22 is cool too, I've used both.

    Currently my GW-5000 is on the classic combi bracelet, which I like very much, and two other squares are on a 20 mm nato using Jaysandkays metal adapters. (Note that the good old combi that looks so nice on squares is actually even narrower than 20 mm for the most part, something like 18. Its width first lines up with the bezel and then narrows down, of course, so it's not directly comparable - but on the other hand the J&K adapter shape creates a nice and natural feel to the attachment point as well, and already at 20 mm the whole strap is wider.)
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    Re: Adapters for GMW-B5000D...20mm or 22mm?

    I have both, but I personally prefer the 22mm.
    Below is 22mm on NATO.
    Name:  3FE5D33F-DFCF-4666-AA43-DD1ECC72E614.jpeg
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    And here is 20mm on brushed metal.
    Name:  BD7FFD73-F04B-4EA4-8706-44DD9C5F713A.jpeg
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    Hope these pics help.
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