Adjusting the accuracy on a DW-5600?

Thread: Adjusting the accuracy on a DW-5600?

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    Question Adjusting the accuracy on a DW-5600?

    I read with great interest the posting in the "How to ..." section about regulating a G & have been successful with a recent DW-6100 that I was lucky enough to find at a fire sale price. I have been trying to get the same results with a DW-5600 spare module that I have, but no luck with any adjustments. It seems no matter which way I turn the screw, it does nothing, leading me to believe that either 1: the early models are not adjustable or 2: I'm not on the right component to make adjustments. Any body out there have any experience with DW-5600's? TIA!
    Picture shows the inside of the module; I've been adjusting the brass screw in the lower left hand side ~6:30 position.

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    Re: Adjusting the accuracy on a DW-5600?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think you're adjusting the correct screw. On a different model I adjusted, turning the screw right speeded it up, but apparently this isn't always the case. It doesn't seem to make huge differences, so don't expect a quarter turn to make it a great deal faster or slower. I would check it over at least 2 weeks so you know exactly how much out it is, then adjust the screw and check it over a further 2 weeks (remembering which way you turned it).

    This is novice advice, pending expert intervention.
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