Advice needed on bezel repair

Thread: Advice needed on bezel repair

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    Advice needed on bezel repair

    I just got a DW 6200, and it has a crack that goes through the entire thickness of the bezel. Do you have any suggestions on repairing the bezel? My first thoughts are to use glue, but plastics often don't react well with bonding materials. Any advice? (I actually want to keep this watch, which is apparently though of as the least attractive G, so disposing of it isn't really what I'm looking for...:-D )

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Advice needed on bezel repair

    I once tried to glue a Timex back together with super glue. The fumes went into the buttons and now they feel sticky. I don't trust it underwater anymore so I retired it for parts and got a G-Shock. If you try to take the bezel off it'll probably crumble though. Best to replace it.

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