Hi all, having acquired the MRG-G1000 and ticked the titanium G box, I'm now looking to fill the next void in my collection, a G on combi bracelet

There aren't too many to choose from, I've ruled out GPW FC as it is too similar to my MRG. I've ruled out GW-A1100FC, as I think the dial is a bit too busy for my liking, so that narrows it down to three watches, and I have some questions that I'm seeking help from F17

1. GW-A1000FC-1A: I like the clean dial design and stealth look of this watch, but I have some concerns about the legibility of the dial. Ideally I want a GW-A1000D body with the FC bracelet, but the cost will be quite high unless I can sell the metal bracelet at a decent price

2. GW-M5610BC: Can't really fault this except concerns that the shade of black on the soft resin bezel is different to the shade of black on the hard resin bracelet. Also, I feel like I have enough squares for now

3. GW-6900BC: This would complement my DW-6900 nicely as the modernised version of my first watch from 19 years ago

As for my questions:

1. I have always found the wings under the DW-6900's strap to be an annoyance making the watch loose on my small wrist. Does this problem exist on the combi bracelet as well for the GW-6900BC?

2. For the GW-1000FC-1A, are the resin used for the bezel of the watch the same as the resin for the bracelet, and whether there are any inconsistency in the shade of black used? I ask this as I prefer if the material used for the watch to be the same as the bracelet, and this is the main reason that I don't want the GW-A1000D, and why I'm hesitant about the two digital models

Any input would be much appreciated, and any other recommendations would be welcomed