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    Advice for a Newbie!

    Hi guys,

    up until about a week ago I never really looked at Gshocks...I have to say I had a certain ignorant view that perhaps other watch collectors also have, that 'real' watches are mechanical - but I've realized just how wrong I was I am now over some of these watches on here!

    So here is a question. I'm attracted to the solar feature but I really like the looks of the DW-5600EG-9V (borrowed picture below)

    To me the gold details makes this the perfect first gshock for me - I just really like that 'oldschool' look. However, the problem is that this watch doesn't have the solar feature - is there any other gshock which looks like this and has the solar option or can i maybe customize a watch?

    also, can anyone recommend a place to buy this model in the UK?
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    Re: Advice for a Newbie!

    Have a look at the Tiktox site Casio Watches at Discount Prices | Casio Watches , Casio Watch Straps | Casio G-Shock Watches | Casio Pathfinder Watches |Casio Wave Ceptor Watches|Casio Watch Straps run by Keith Rose in the UK. Give him a call/drop him an email. He's very approachable and knowledgeable.

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    Re: Advice for a Newbie!

    Welcome to Gs

    The gold-buttoned 5600 that you show is the best option for you. There aren't currently any solar or atomic Gs which also have gold buttons and details. You should buy that now.

    Solar technology is less important than the look of the watch, IMO. Non-solar watches tend to have more durable batteries, while solar ones are smaller and require more frequent topping-up. I do like the atomic sync feature (Casio calls it multi-band 5 or 6), but I also don't know of any gold-detailed 5600 models with that feature.

    In the UK, the GW-M5600 is the default solar/atomic square G, i.e. based on the 5600 look.
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