Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog
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Thread: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

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    Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    Hello everyone, just became a member a few minutes ago and I'm still attempting to figure out the forum. I apologize if this is in the wrong place. This forum has been a huge help to me so far (before I decided to join) so thank you for that! Wonderful resource. Anyway, here's the deal. I'm a hands on guy. Aircraft mechanic for a regional airline. I'm looking for a watch, primarily a g shock. I've never actually gone out to buy a watch for myself before so I'm new to discovering what I like/dislike. I currently own ZERO watches. I am looking for an analog G shock for work. Something that isn't crazy out of place getting down and dirty, but can also be dressed up a tad. I'm stuck between several models, because I'm having a hard time deciding on what I actually need vs what would be "cool" to have. Huge fan of the gravity Maste and mudmaster series watches. Looking for a few important things: Analog, solar, multiple alarm, with usable lume/backlight. I like the idea of atomic timekeeping with multiband 6, but I've never used it so I honestly don't know how important it is to me. Do you think I'd be happy with something like a GW4000? Side note: I'm a huge fan of simplicity. Looking to spend around $350 or less. I appreciate your help and guidance. I've been researching for weeks and I can't find any shops locally that have any "masters of g" series watches. So all I have to go on are internet reviews/pictures. Open to suggestions, if this isn't the correct place to post let me know. I appreciate all your time.
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    Re: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    Welcome to the forum.

    Another solar/atomic analog model you might consider is the GW-3000.

    If a cheaper ana-digi might work, have a look at the GA-800, although it's not solar/atomic.
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    Re: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

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    Re: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    Name:  GRB100-1A3_large.png
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    But for work i would consider something as small as possible like square or AWG100,
    Name:  mt-gas-100b-1a2.jpg
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    or even AW590
    Name:  authentic_brand_new_casio_gshock_aw5901a_mens_black_silver_resin_watch_aw590_aw5901_aw5901_15246.jpg
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    G-Shocks are bulky and when i was working and reaching inside machinery smaller was better.
    I do have AW591 and G100 both small analog Gs.
    Name:  DSC03042.jpg
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    Name:  20180914_084652 sm.jpg
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    At 60$ a piece you can tread waters of are you comfortable working while wearing watch and later decide what exactly you want.
    Another way around is to buy something 2d hand from local add website (beware of fake Gs) or second hand store. Again to get idea do you like working with watch.
    If you don't but still want one get anything you like without any limitations.
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    It should be special!

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    Re: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    First welcome to the forum from me as well.

    You have mentioned your job. I know that quite often you need to squeeze your hands into tight spaces in order to get to parts or fasteners. Anything that you wear can interfere with that.

    So do you plan on wearing this watch on the job?

    Because if so, then I would consider the thinnest, smallest watch with removable bezel, which currently is a square. Indeed I would probably choose the least expensive square as your job could still easilly scratch the crystal.

    That would be the DW5600. You can probably even get one that matches the color of your tool box. Just as an idea. :)

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    Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    You may want to take a look into the G Steel series with have some nice options.

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    Re: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    One thing I find really nice that the colors that Casio is using are almost the exaclty the same colors as Snap-On is using. So if you decide to go colorful, it will be a great match to your tools !!!

    To me, the Mudmaster GWG1000RD-4A is the ultimate Snap-On classic theme watch. The Snap-On red with the BluePoint blue (inner city ring), with the high contrast clean cut precise display. Hmmmm, it is my dream. Too bad I missed out and those sell now easilly for over $1300.

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    Re: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    i would go with 2, 1 work, 1 dress up. if you are getting into engines and stuff, it may take a beating. several good suggestions above.
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    Re: Aircraft Mechanic in search of G analog

    +1 for the GRB-100

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