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    Cool alarm casio g shock

    How do I eliminate the alarm going off everyday at 1pm?

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    Re: alarm casio g shock

    Hello and welcome to WUS.

    I take it this is your first G-Shock.

    All Gs share the same basic layout, so hopefully this will help:

    Press the lower left button repeatedly until you get to a screen which shows the Alarm(s).

    Next, if your watch has more than one alarm, you may have to press either the top right or bottom right to cycle though the alarms until you see the 1pm alarm.
    If you only have one alarm, pressing either top or bottom right will cycle though and turn on/off the hourly chime and alarm. If that's the case then you're done.

    If you've got a watch with more than one alarm, then you will probably have to press the top right button to turn the alarm.

    When you turn on/off hourly chime of alarm, you will see a little icon on the watch face either come on or off. A picture of a bell will indicate hourly chime, little bars will be the alarm.

    All watches are slightly different, so it'd be more helpful if you could give us some more information as to what watch you have.

    If you give us the model number, we will be able to point you to a manual you can get for your watch for free. The module number is on the back of the watch, and is usually a four digit number, in a box. This is what we need to help you get your manual.

    The model number will be something like DW-1234.

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