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    All Right Gang, Listen Up

    Dear Folks,
    I have just gotton a PM from Tim (who is the SINN mod.) about the fact that he is getting nasty PM's from forumers from the G forum, accusing him of censorship and deleting a thread.

    While Tim is given the power to delete any post on any forum by the WUS Owner Ernie, he has never done such on this forum with out letting us handle it (in other words he just gives us heads up. In the case of the last delete WE G-SHOCK MODs. (i.e. Stockae, Me, Bigmike) all got together and looked it over and decided to shut it down because a simple "whats the weather like" post degraded into a slugfest.It was one of Us three that deleted it NOT Tim!!!!!!!!

    For the record we have members here from I think about 20 countries and It is nice to know the weather around the world or have posts that show Cairns in a heat wave. (personally I like to here that somebody else is experiencing a hotter heat wave then I just did last week on the East Coast of the USA)

    The OT topics are the spice of life and are good to learn about Forumer's of different cultures.

    Now that said. I ask you all to please PM me or the other G-Shock mod's with problems of accusations AND NOT Tim(he got his own forum to watch)

    If I hear that anybody has PM him with nasty or accusing PM's after I have posted this I will Ban that member perm. myself, as this is a issue that should be pm'ed to us not him.

    I hope I have made my point gang. Life is short so sit back and enjoy the watches.

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    Exclamation Re: All Right Gang, Listen Up

    Hi All,

    I just can back up my co-mod Leon. I have heard in the past that Tim got nasty e-mails and PM's, which he in my eyes not deserves. He's a great neutral guy. He (and other WUS Mods at Large) heads up us as moderators, when we are not on-line. The final moderation is in our hands most of the times (or things must go really out of hand).

    For the upcomming days I have loads of work ahead due to my vacation. Please PM my co-mods if neccesary with problems. In real emergency PM me.

    Lets return to G-Shock's and G-Life from here and expect some OT topics of me to spice you up the forth coming days,


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