Almost each one in my collection has a story
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Thread: Almost each one in my collection has a story

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    Picture Almost each one in my collection has a story

    I have only been collecting G-Shocks for a short amount of time compared to most people here in this forum but in the short amount of time, I have picked up some interesting models. Some of the models that I have picked up have had some interesting stories like the missing box for my Eric Haze GA-110 or my army green GX56 that seemed to have gotten lost several times getting to me. In my hunting in physical stores, I have found some interesting finds and my latest is no different. Let me back up a bit to explain.

    In joining WUS, I noticed that some people tend to have a favorite model and collect multiple variations of that model. I am one of them and my model is the GA-110. I love an analog and digital watch and once I bought my first one, I was hooked. Currently, I have 11 different variations of the GA-110 and they almost make up half my collection. The other half consists of higher end models such as a 1000 series Frogman and GW-A1000 to name a couple. One model that I have never owned nor really took much interest in is the DW/G-6900. However this changed a few months ago.

    I was at a mall in an area where I used to live and I decided to take a look around at the offerings that some of the stores had in terms of a G-Shock selection. This is a very high end mall so the stores were pretty much limited to Macy's and Nordstroms but I checked both since they were there. Macy's didn't have anything interesting but Nordstroms did. I noticed behind the counter that there was a DW-6900CB-8 sitting there and I had been looking for a gray or silver resin G-Shock for awhile but something looked a little off about it. I asked to see it and up close I noticed some major problems. First thing I noticed was the one of the corners on the face, there was a major blemish that I though in the case could have been a reflection from light. I was wrong, it was a pretty large chip. The next thing I noticed when turning the watch over was there was what appeared to be sweat marks on the caseback and wristband. But that was not it. The final thing I noticed was the G-Shock tag was gone and it was replaced with just a generic barcode attached to the clasp. I asked the person working if they had any others in stock and unfortunately they did not. I left without it but checked out what was online when I got home, although I do not use ebay and do prefer to pick up my watches in person whenever possible. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything for a reasonable price so I had put picking one of those up on the back burner.

    A little over a month ago, I was visiting a friend up the coast and hit up a mall on my way back home in an area I was not that familiar with and checked out the larger stores first to see what they had. Again, I did not find anything that I could not pick up at a store closer to where I work or live until I was about to leave. I stopped into a small watch store that was near the Macy's and they had quite a decent collection of watch brands, not only a fantastic G collection. I noticed in the G-Shock section, they had the elusive DW6900CB-8 that I was unable to pick up months before. However, I did not pick it up when I saw it. I was waiting on the anniversary models to come out and picked up an additional model for my B-Day up shortly after. Two weeks ago, I got bored and decided to make the drive back up to that mall to see if they still had one available. Not expecting them to have it, I walked in the door and took a look. To my surprise, it was still there and I picked it up immediately. In addition to picking it up, for retail might I add ($99), I found out that they had a total of three in stock and I was able to get the one that was still completely wrapped. So without further delay here are some shots of G-Shock #22 in my collection, the DW-6900CB-8 Silver/Pink:

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    Re: Almost each one in my collection has a story

    Right on and congrats on the extended purchase. I also try to purchase in person, just run into realities of living on an island.
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