I've gotten the GD100-1B. It's big and chunky and it's fantastic.

However, the rising part on the back seems to be higher then other units, and doesn't seem to like my wrist. The 24mm G-Shock adapters from County Comm fit well (After slight modification).

I'm wondering there are other bands I can put on other then the Maratac bands. As much as I like Maratac, I want to mix it up a bit. Where do you source this sort of stuff?

I'm thinking of another strap for my PAW1300B -- the original one's getting pretty beat up. So after ripping the old strap out of the stock Casio 23mm lugs, what can I put in?

I'd really like the black and orange PAW1500GB-1V elastic strap, but I'm guessing that's next to impossible to find. My Google-fu isn't strong on this topic.