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    Altimeter accuracy

    Ignore the fact that I wrote Altimeter accuracy...I mean't barometer! Any mod to change the title?

    Nearest weather station is reporting 1010hpa.

    My watch is reporting 1004hpa.

    Weather station will be reporting sea level pressure, watch will be reporting station pressure.

    I'm roughly 36m ASL. so assumming -1hPa per 8m elevation that puts my sea level pressure at 1004+(36/8) = 1008.5

    So roughly 1.5hpa off the weather report.

    Is that about right in terms of accuracy for these watches? I know my calculation is rough, and doesn't include temperature etc. Also the station 10+ miles a way.
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    Re: Altimeter accuracy

    Well, I have changed the title for you

    My experience with the Barometer and Altimeter functions on sensor G-Shocks are all positive. I once was fooled by the newspaper, who gave a total other reading than my Riseman. When checking the actual air pressure, it showed my Riseman was right and the newspaper was wrong. I wouldn't worry about 1 or 2 hPa, but 6hPa sounds a bit off. Important note to the use of the Barometer are:

    The Thermometer must give the right temperature of the sensor (the barometric sensor is not only pressure dependent).
    Use it outdoors. AC systems create overpressure
    The trend is more important than the actual reading.
    For use of the altimeter, With 5 meter increments, it's relative inaccurate between small altitude changes. My experience is that the Altimeter works pretty good for a hobby watch.


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    Re: Altimeter accuracy

    I have not used the barometer. But my altimeter is pretty least relatively. It reads about 50 feet higher on every level than what the map shows. But it is consistent.

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    Re: Altimeter accuracy

    Casio barometers CAN be pretty accurate, IF they are thermal compensated (the PAW-1300 series is the absolutely worst I have ever encountered regarding this). Still I haven't had one single Pathfinder/Protrek to date which wasn't off by at least 2-3mbar (hpa) measured against other calibrated barometers. Not a big deal, you adjust it once to such a source and it will be good to go forever. The altimeter is a whole different ballgame and is pretty much useless, unless you calibrate it very often (but definitely before a hiking tour or such) and hoping that weather changes are moderate and don't kick into the calculation too much.

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