Am I "AW" cursed? :)

Thread: Am I "AW" cursed? :)

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    Am I "AW" cursed? :)

    So today I've been sorting and packing a few old things away I've had since I was a kid. I found a module I haven't seen in years lying in one of my cabinets...

    It's an AW-506 and is god only knows how old

    The battery is long since dead BUT the illuminator battery still works, just.

    But look! The hour hand is lagging behind in the same way as on the Gaussman I bought recently! I think AW models don't like me :-D Gaussman's one is just 5 minutes or so behind though, this one is a full 15 minutes off the hour. This model also has a crown rather than digital adjustment.

    Also I appear to have long since lost the strap. Any good ideas for a replacement? I think I might overhaul this watch, but notice how the black paint has come away from the lettering, don't know how to touch that up :-S
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    Wink Re: Am I "AW" cursed? :)

    Maybe some strange dark forces are going on there under your house, aiming at yout hour hands :-D


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