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    Amazon exclusive

    Is this new? Never noticed this on amazon until tonight. They also have one that comes in green.

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    Re: Amazon exclusive

    I don't think it's that new, maybe just new to Amazon. A couple of months ago, someone has already posted a lengthy (and funny) review/unboxing video about this watch on YouTube. It was the PRG-240-8 but for all intents and purposes, the PRG and the PAG watches are identical. You might want to check the review out, the username is ExperiencedRC. Here's the link:

    YouTube - Casio Protrek / Pathfinder PRG-240-8ER Solar Watch - Unboxing & Review

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    Re: Amazon exclusive

    Terrible looking LCD. I read somewhere on the forums about someone getting a G-Shock with same type, found it very difficult to read.
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    Re: Amazon exclusive

    That youtube video is hilarious!

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    Re: Amazon exclusive

    Lol, I like the cats best, cute. As for the watch: poorest legibility of any Protrek display I have seen to date.

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    I have a -240 with the orange display.

    While not as clear as the light/white display, I've found that I adjusted to it easily.

    I got it in orange because I liked the look, and I'm quite happy with it so far. I feel that the legibility/looks trade-off was sufficient. In certain light, I need to change the angle to get a clear read, but it's not a deal-breaker.

    If, however, you plan on using it extensively and constantly need to refer to it for split-second tasks, I'd get the lighter color display.

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