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    Analogue/Digital sync problem

    I’ve had a GW-1400DU-1AVER for the past 3 months. During that period it has been an excellent timekeeper, so much so that for the first few weeks I kept boring friends by asking them if they would like to know the time to the exact second.

    One day last week I noticed that the analogue and main feature of the watch was 3 minutes in arrears of the digital. (The digital was correct) I’ve since corrected this anomaly.

    Page 42 of the manual states: “The analog time of this watch is synchronised with the digital time” (But on this occasion it wasn’t).

    Further down the page it also states “If the analog time does not match the digital time for some reason” then there are instructions on how “to adjust the analog time to the digital.”

    I would be most grateful if anyone can tell me if this is a one-off situation or will the problem re-occur.

    I sent a message to Casio UK Customer Service regarding the above. They completely ignored the question and said that if I send the watch to them they would have a look at it.

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    Re: Analogue/Digital sync problem

    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't have experience of your watch, but from what you have quoted, it sounds as though Casio allows for occasional problems.

    If the problems were regular, I would have doubts about the watch and/or the technology.

    Casio UK are pretty good as a rule, so don't give up on them.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: Analogue/Digital sync problem

    I own a GW-1400 since 2006 and never had a offset on the hands.
    So if the battery is charged (check!) then the hands where always OK.
    Sometimes a strong magnet can move the hands of a analogue quartz watch. This nerver happened to me, though.

    So if everything mentioned above is OK, then probably there is something wrong with your watch.

    Once on a oceanus i owned the hands struck at 55 min. of each hour.
    Then the analog time was some minutes behind the digital time.
    This was clearly a movement fault, the watch was repaired by casio and is also synced since then.

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