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    Question Analogue v digital durability battle

    I was wondering, with all this interest that we have in a G-Shocks and their durability which would hypothetically speaking last longer, a Digital or an Analogue G-Shock?
    I can see issues with both, on one hand the expected life span of an LCD display panel, and also on the other hand, e.g.. wear in the movement, lubrication/ceasure of hands on dial ect...
    I would like all replies to be based on a watch that has no maintenance apart from a very occasional battery change.
    It will be interesting to read your opinions and thourghts on both.:thanks

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    Re: Analogue v digital durability battle

    I'm not enough of an expert to know, if the lifespan of a LCD display is limited at all?

    same goes for the quartz itself, is there any technical reason that it should break one day?

    so from my layman point of view, i would presume that an all-digital simply outlives an all-analog or ana-digi because of the moving parts those watches have. no springs, no gearwheels, no motors, no parts which need to be lubricated and maintained = no points of failure.

    regards, holger
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    Re: Analogue v digital durability battle

    i would agree with holger, less moving parts = less parts to break deal to wear and tear, shock, etc

    G-Shock is built to withstand a lot of abuse, so i won't really worry about it.

    and i think for quartz analog watches, there isn't much gears inside. the "tick" is powered by a step motor.

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