The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

Thread: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

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    Off Topic post The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    What's the story behind your forum name and pic?

    There's nothing like the smell of eucalyptus in the morning.
    I plant a lot of trees for regeneration projects and bluegum is common name for a few species of large eucalyptus trees like this one...

    ...they're important koala food trees which leads me onto my avatar. The closely related and highly endangered (mostly due to laziness) 'Fatso', the fat-arsed wombat...

    Also known as 'the battler's prince', Fatso was also bestowed the honour of being the anti-mascot of the 2000 Olympics.

    Immortalised in plastic...

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    the name withthesword was originally angelwiththesword, which is just a mashup of the words Angel With The Sword, which is also the title of a C.J. Cherryh book i rather liked.

    i eventually dropped the 'angel' bit when a) people thought i was female, and b) the IRC server i was on wouldn't allow me to have that many characters for a screen name.

    additionally, i own a couple swords since i practise chinese martial arts. don't have a pic offhand of my particular sword, but it's something like this:

    as for my avatar, it's part of the flag and badge of the Canadian Forces Land Force Command, aka Canadian Army.

    Ready. Ready. Hack.

    My Flickr Photostream

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    Forum moniker and current avatar: CB Handle. Went along with my white w/ black accent '88 S-10 Blazer. 257K miles still going strong.

    Current Collection
    Casio 'non-G' 83QS-41, DW-1500, OAW-100TDJ, PAW-1300T,
    G-Shock GW-M5600, GW-800D, MTG-1000G,
    Bulova Accutron 214, Omega SMP 2232.80, Omega SMP 2255.80, Ball Engineer M Challenger, Traser Auto Pro,
    Seiko SDWB61, SNA139, SKA389, SKA296, Momentum Cobalt V Lite, Orient Mako Blue, Orient Mako USA 2 White,
    Victorinox (Swiss Army) Ground Force 60/60, Base Camp Ti

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    My avatar is a blue GW-400 I really like.

    And my forum name is my real name.

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    I was raised in Hawaii. Makai = towards the ocean. 808 = Hawaii area code... I try to visit at least once a year, hence towards the Hawaiian oceans. I have changed my avatar a couple of times already since I came on, but this is the keeper. It's the symbol for honu (sea turtle), my favorite dive buddy.

    Now that I'm land locked in Albuquerque, I realize how much I took the water for granted in the past. I'm itching to go long boarding & diving already

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    I'm named "Konrad" after my great-grandfather.

    My avatar is a bit of Halloween whimsy created on my iPod.


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    Cool Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    trozau - troy ounce gold. I am first and foremost a coin collector (mostly of 1 troy ounce size gold coins). Other than coins, I am also fond of watches (Rado & G-Shock) and guns (GLOCKs).

    avatar - St George slaying a dragon from an 1845 56 mm. diameter gold medal by William Wyon.

    trozau (troy ounce gold)
    honi soit qui mal y pense
    gold - the barbarous relic!

    Does anybody really know what time it is?
    Robert Lamm of the group Chicago, 1969

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    Mines just a cartoon representation of my car.........I know, not very original.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    I used to be called "Bogey" by some of my college friends.

    I've also used this name on at least one other forum, since I prefer to be undetected when I'm in lurk mode, and because the avatar I use over there is a picture of Agent Smith from The Matrix. He just strikes me as a modern-day cinematic bogeyman.

    And speaking of avatars, the one I use here is an illustration of the bounty hunter Jet Black, from the anime Cowboy Bebop; I like his steady and grumpy demeanor acting as a foil to Spike's carefree recklessness. Besides, I'm genetically predisposed to hair loss, so if I start going bald 10 years from now, I'd prefer to look like Jet, the Black Dog of Ganymede.
    Last edited by Bogeyman; February 12th, 2009 at 14:11.
    G-9200 Riseman
    G-9100 Gulfman
    G-9000MC-8D Mudman

    Sucks to be without a G.

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    Re: The annual 'explain your moniker and avatar' thread

    Deggy: my schoolmates from 5th grade gave me that name as a shortcut of my surname which starts with D-E-G, and until now, almost half of the people I know call me DEGGY

    my avatar: i guess every G-shock enthusiast can associate that time, date and day with G-Shocks!

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