Any runner's in here? G for runners??
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Thread: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

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    Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    Now that winter is in full swing here, I'm back to running as opposed to other outdoor endeavors. Mostly treadmill when it's really cold. Got a few key races coming up in the Spring which I'm looking forward to. Possibly a half marathon - we'll see about that one.

    I'm a watch nut, and honestly I've never, despite searching, found a better basic runner's watch than the Timex Ironman.

    Anyone run regularly in a Casio product? All I'm interested in when running is elapsed time, nothing fancy at all. No GPS for me, I'm old school in that regard.


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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    It seems like most G's would be too heavy and bulky compared to an Ironman. The DW5600 is one of the lightest, but the buttons can be hard to push. But lots of Casio's (G or non-G) would fit your requirement of a simple chronograph.

    As far as G's go, maybe the DW6900.

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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    I run (outdoors most of the time) and on my treadmill when it's raining outside. The 5600/5610's are great, but buttons are way too small. So, I usually run with my Riseman.
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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    You may find the G7700/G7710 to your liking. They are smaller than most other G shocks and hug the wrist fairly nicely. Packs in quite a lot of features too.
    (Pic listed from WUS forum, credit to original owner)
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    Alternatively, you may want to loom at the G2900, which is the same size as the 7700 but with bigger, bolder digits and misses out on some features.
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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    I like to use my GW-9010 mudman because the rally timer can save times and calculate a total.
    I typically used it to keep track of how much I ran in a week, then reset it.

    Otherwise I use a square 5600/5610.

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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    This smaller G works well for me when running. I have a larger Timex Ironman that I purchased for running, but it just feels too large/heavy. I prefer something that I do not feel on my wrist as I run.

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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    Garmin Forerunner 10 for me, looking to upgrade to Forerunner 235 in the next few months. Personally I'd recommend spending the money on a quality GPS running watch - it'll help immensely with pacing and timing splits accurately.

    I also wear a DW-5600 sometimes when I'm only looking to time my runs (and already know the distance based on previous runs). Sometimes just easier than having to recharge the Forerunner every few days...
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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    I am a regular, long-distance, Runner. I have owned a TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch for about 18 months and am very happy with it.

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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    Not a G, but: I'm no heavy duty runner but have been running 2 miles plus almost every day for the past 3 weeks. This watch is insanely light and pretty slim compared to a G. It will show you the time while you time yourself. Casio Protrek Prw-3000
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    Re: Any runner's in here? G for runners??

    Been a regular runner for many years. At our age, it is more of a trudge now...

    We love our G's, but with due respects to all of them, for our running the Iron man is the ticket.

    We trudge on.
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