Anyone else have this problem???

Thread: Anyone else have this problem???

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    Anyone else have this problem???

    So i go a g2300b-1v and i love this watch!!!! I didn't think i would with the velcro strap, but its surprisingly comfortable. We'll see how it does in the summer with heat and sweat and water time. But when i wear it on my left wrist and i tilt it up it seems the numbers get a little blurry. So imagine holding your arm in front of you parallel to the floor looking at the time. Normal clear display. Now tilt your arm up pivoting at the elbow. digits blur a bit. but when i do this the oppisite way the digits never blur. I don't care if they do or don't because i don't check the time like that. Was just wondering if this was a common thing with other G's.


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    Re: Anyone else have this problem???

    very normal, I think pretty much all Casio digital watch LCD does that. It is the effect of the polar layer on the LCD, without which it is not even readable.

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