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    Atomic G collection hourly chime chorus

    I know it's a small thing in the overall scheme but I find it very satisfying to hear my entire G Shock collection sound off at the top of the hour in (almost) perfect harmony. My one and only non-atomic (a 200 series Frog) drifts somewhat dramatically and has to be manually syched every few days. Casio modules apparently don't have very good accuracy without the atomic synch. this thing can gain or lose three seconds either way every few days. In a watch box that displays such perfection, this is sort of irritating. The only reason I keep it around is because, well, it's a Frog.

    Any of you guys enjoy hearing the top-of-the-hour beep chorus from your G Shock collection?

    Some modules do the quick beep-beep (mostly the JDM ones) while the worldwide releases seem to have a slower, more spaced out beep---beep. Ever notice that?

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    Re: Atomic G collection hourly chime chorus

    If the somewhat "off" frog beep annoys you, maybe you want to have a look at this:

    I myself do use the beep once in a whil but only on the watch i am wearing.

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