Atomic signal around singapore

Thread: Atomic signal around singapore

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    Atomic signal around singapore

    i'll be passing through singapore airport in a few days. it maybe the only time i'll be close enough to a transmission tower ( i live in aus u probably know).

    so to sync my gw9200, changing timezone to singapore will work??
    or i'll have to put china/japan???
    which signal will be closest to singapore????

    another interesting fact, will the signal reach the cruising altitude of a 747
    if it does, wouldn't it be a better option to do it on the plane, as there's virtually no obstruction in between.


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    Re: Atomic signal around singapore

    im not sure it will sync in S'pore but u never know. and i think u need to set it to JPN and after that u synced and then set it to current time.
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    Re: Atomic signal around singapore

    hi psych... i've the GW-M5600 & I've never been able to sync... I've set it to HKG & TPE but never been successful... doesn't detract my affection for the G though

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    Re: Atomic signal around singapore

    ffs i live in hk and can't get my atomic multiband 6 watch to sync since i got the watch yesterday. i do live by a mountain so i will try again elsewhere but i'm worried my radio receiver in the watch is ed.

    when i attempt a manual recieve it just briefly flashes L1, L2 or L3 occasionly and eventually ERR

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