Atomic solar 5600 set up
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Thread: Atomic solar 5600 set up

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    Atomic solar 5600 set up

    Is there any difference in setting an Atomic G vs the standard solar G?

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    Re: Atomic solar 5600 set up

    Yes -- it's probably EASIER to set up an atomic G-Shock!

    When you take it out of the box, it should already have the correct time and date set, or it should at least be close (assuming that you didn't buy an imported model from a seller halfway around the world.)

    Then all you need to do is pick the "home city" that is in your time zone (which should correct the "hour" of the time if it was wrong when it came out of the box), set "DST" to "auto," keep an eye on the charge levels, and then not worry about it for fifteen or twenty years until it needs a new battery!

    (There are a few other settings that you'll probably want to check and/or change when you first get the watch, like making sure that the "auto receive" is turned "on" [it should be set to "on" from the factory] and deciding if you want "power saving" mode on or off. Some models give you a choice as to "illumination duration" of one or three seconds each time the light is used.)

    GW-M5610 manual:
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    Re: Atomic solar 5600 set up

    dude you seem stressed out about Gshock lately - while it was made with the intention to be worried-free

    a/ make money - it's affordable so 1 weekend of work would be enough - don't have to go rob the bank for it
    b/ buy the watch - ebay, amazon wherever offers the cheapest
    c/ read the manual @ set your home city
    d/ wear it when you go to bed at night to sync
    most of the time, it works after the first night - but if not, a week is longest (i am talking about stormy weather here)
    e/ go back to (a) if you love it like the most of us and want to get "a few"
    Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.Oscar Wilde

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    Re: Atomic solar 5600 set up

    i'm in phoenix & had to choose between lax & denver time.
    "Experience is gained through making mistakes. Mistakes are caused by a lack of experience"

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    Re: Atomic solar 5600 set up

    Not really stressed out, just need to know if different from my G-5600 solar as far as set up goes.
    Thanks or the info.

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