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    Question atomic syncing and time zone question

    i JUST recieved my brand new GW-M5600 atomic model. when choosing my time zones (i'm in kentucky, so mine being eastern time or NYC on watch) the actual time displayed is one hour behind what it should be. will this change when it syncs?

    i have DST on AUTO
    i have not managed to get it synced yet (just got it, daytime)

    any tips or advice? thanks!

    UPDATE: i turned DST on in world time mode and then double checked that my DST was on in the "set time" it seems to be working. looks like i'm just a noob at the atomic stuff. thanks anyways!

    UPDATE UPDATE: it finally sync'ed. i placed it on the top of my Jeep in clear blue sunny skys and had no issues with syncing in about 5 minutes.

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    Re: atomic syncing and time zone question

    Welcome to WUS

    Nice you worked it out

    If it syncs regularly, I'd set it for auto DST. If it only syncs once in a while, I'd set the DST manually instead.

    As far as syncing goes, usually there's a much better signal quality during the night, so the auto sync will probably work much better than the manual sync (during the day). Try it out the coming nights...

    Nice watch byt the way, it's on my wishing list

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