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    The BAPE breakdown

    this was the most helpful website i could find on getting info on real bathing ape watches, could someone please tell me the following:

    • when were the BAPE G-shocks released (White, Pink, Black, Yellow and Red)
    • were they only on sale in Japan
    • How much do they sell for each
    • is it impossible to get one?
    • oh and could someone put up authentic pictures of all the watches, i dunno whether the pink one says GO ape or war 21st resistant

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    Re: The BAPE breakdown

    hi bathing ape,

    welcome to the forum.
    search for posts by SKYHOOK , i would class him as the resident bape expert.
    he has posted lots of info on these before in all colours



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    Re: The BAPE breakdown

    This link is to pics posted by Skyhook of a real 100% Bape G Shock, as far as I know released only in Japan from a limited numbered run of only 1000 units.
    If you do find a real one then you will definitely pay for it.
    Hope this helps.
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    Re: The BAPE breakdown

    The black BAPE was released in 2003, and the white came out in 2004. The black will run $700+, the white will prob run $400+... if you can find one for sale. I think the red came out in 2005, the yellow and pink in 2006. They are all cheaper, but will still run you 3 or 4 bills. Hope this helps.

    Here's more on what you want to know:

    Oh P.S. He's wrong when he says that white is the absence of color- it's actually the presence of all of the colors of the visible light spectrum
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