Battery change on DW-5600EH

Thread: Battery change on DW-5600EH

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    Battery change on DW-5600EH

    After 11 years, the battery in my Eric Haze is getting weak. l'd rather not do the battery change myself. From the research l've done, there's a tiny spring. And if you lose it the alarm no longer sounds. Does anyone know of a good watch shop in the USA l can send it to that's reasonably priced? l also have a GLX-5600 G Lide that's a few years old and l'd like to send that one too.
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    Re: Battery change on DW-5600EH

    I think you need not be afraid of changing the battery on your own. That tiny spring is there but when you will be careful you will not lose it. But on the other side it's nice to have it done by professional watchmaker with water resistance test after changing. I am used to do it on my own and I never got into problems neither with the spring nor with a water resistance, but I am just swimming sometime in the pool, not diving at all.

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    Re: Battery change on DW-5600EH

    Why not just send it to Casio repair?

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