battery empty for about a year?

Thread: battery empty for about a year?

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    battery empty for about a year?

    hi guys.

    my question is if i can buy a watch (fox fire) when the battery is empty for about a year... or is the watch dead when it hasn`t been changed or removed?

    please give me advice!

    greetz and take care!

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    Wink Re: battery empty for about a year?

    Hi gobabygo,

    I have bought lots of G-Shock's with dead batteries. A lot of them were probably dead for a long time (those watches in drawers). I never have seen a leaking battery, so I think it's pretty save to try. As the watch is dead for a year, it's probably not a very expensive watch, so at least woth the try.


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    Re: battery empty for about a year?

    That's an interesting question.
    I will definitely relent to the experts here but am I correct in assuming that most of the G's have some sort of "firmware". Like the programming that allows them to have the correct calender for the next 40 years.
    If so, is that stored similar as flash memory that doesn't require a power source in order to maintain it's integrity?

    I know some of the watches have 2 batteries but that's not for data storage, is it?
    Like the millinnium batteries you find in computers.

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    Re: battery empty for about a year?

    I saw my FIRST and so far ONLY leaky lithium over the weekend. It was in a Pentium 100 MHZ with 24MB of RAM. That machine was made in 1995.

    Battery leakage is the only thing you have to worry about in watches with dead batteries. If it didn't leak the module is probably still good. I rarely see bad modules.

    (oops! Time for a new watch!)

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    Re: battery empty for about a year?

    i recently took the batteries out of my dead watches, one of them has been dead for 5 years or more! but no leakage!

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