Battery longevity of GD-350
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Thread: Battery longevity of GD-350

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    Battery longevity of GD-350

    [1] Bit of context. Hearing impaired student here who needs a vibration alert that gives me a sense of time. Usage is limited to pomodoro timer to pace myself whilst studying and having sense of time (waking up, routines etc. Essentialy heavy usage for 24 hours)

    [2] History. Have used the apple watch, but not quite satisfied with it. The daily requirement of having to charge can be quite of a hassle and sometimes, I would just simply forget to charge it. Throws me off my daily routine.

    [3] With regards to the GD-350, can I ask if anyone has used this watch before in the same manner as described under [1] - wondering what is the longevitiy of the battery life? From what I read - the manual states that 10 years based on use prescribed therein.

    [4] Ideally, would be nice to have a solar powered one so I can avoid asking my friends for assistance (to change the battery), would like to have some independence.

    [ps] Have researched a similar product (gymboss), but the problem is it is not waterproof. (would like to to wear the watch 24/7 without any care or concern)

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Battery longevity of GD-350

    Get the solar charged GW-400 Silencer with 4 vibration alarms, while long out of production, they can be found pre-owned on eBay affordably (see 2 of them there tonight).

    Solar Casio last over 21 years in my experience and may last forever, as I have never had one die yet.

    There is also a white version Hawaii Surfer limited edition GW-400, I have a beat-up one.


    To answer the OP original question, The GD-350 should last you at least 5years at heavy use such as yours, IMHO.
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    Re: Battery longevity of GD-350

    Thank you for feeding me with this information. I looked through eBay and there is a bidding process. First time doing a bid, I guess this is really based on luck eh?

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    Re: Battery longevity of GD-350

    the 400 is a good option but id go the 350. nice, big, clear display and readily available, brand new. battery changes are very easy (heaps of videos on youtube if you get stuck, and you can also ask on here for specifics) and youll only need to do it once or twice at most per decade
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    Re: Battery longevity of GD-350

    Havent owned a gd350, but did own a casio w735h with vib alarm... and it really buzzes... i can really feel its vibration alarm even if i wear the watch loose.

    its rated for 10 years batt life, maybe 5 years if vib is heavily used imho. Its also a tough watch, very light and comfy, its also not as big as the gd350.

    the watch is also inexpensive, so buying a new one after the original battery dies will not be that huge of an investment. jk jk

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    Re: Battery longevity of GD-350

    Can I ask what am I expected to pay for a second hand GW-400?

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