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    Battery Question...

    Hello everyone. New to the forum. Pretty cool place.

    Now on to business. I just got a black 702BD (love it), and my comment/question is: The battery is rated as an SR927W, and the watch uses two of 'em. They should last about 3 years. When the time comes, can I change them out with lithium replacements, and theoretically get a much longer lifespan?

    Thanks for reading and, in advance, for answering (when/if someone does).

    PS: Same question as it relates to my Mudman and a red euro M-spec-looking model.

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    Re: Battery Question...

    Personal recommendation:Wear tough solar watches
    Be today, better than yesterday.

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    Re: Battery Question...

    Hmm, I don't see why not. As long as the dimensions are similar I personally think it would work. Although, it would be best to ask someone like Sjors...

    As for wearing tough solar batteries, I agree. However, if you want to store a watch for long periods of time, or want to have back up batteries in storage, then lithium batteries are probably better. This is because lithium batteries have much longer shelf life than tough solar rechargable batts. If rechargable batteries are just left in storage, they will probably break by the time you decide to use them... Besides, tough solar batts don't last forever.

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    Re: Battery Question...

    Well from an electrical standpoint it should work since a Lithium is 3 volts and 2 SR927W combined are 3 volts, but the Lithium is a different size than two SR927Ws. I'm also assuming the batteries are in series and not parallel. You'll have to carve out a space in the module and maybe move some electronic components out of the way. That'll make a big mess and there's a huge risk you'll kill the watch permanently, even if you're very skilled and experienced in such things. You'll be better off getting solar or just replacing your SR927Ws. Sorry it's impractical.

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