A belated thank you to you all!

Thread: A belated thank you to you all!

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    A belated thank you to you all!

    Tonight, I was taking a few pics of my G-7700 and I suddenly remembered that I never properly thanked you all. It was the members in this forum that originally helped me choose it (I needed a highly configurable countdown timer). It hurt a bit to sell my Riseman to fund the purchase but this watch has been an indispensable tool on runs, climbs, and laundry days. And as is customary with an expression of gratitude on WUS, here's a picture:

    I don't think I'll ever need another G but if I do, I know where to come.
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    Re: A belated thank you to you all!

    Not sure if I helped but I may have as I have had several of this model. Either way you're surely welcome and I'm glad you found something that seems to fit your needs so well.
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    Re: A belated thank you to you all!

    You are welcome mate. Its a G, it will serve you well.

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    Re: A belated thank you to you all!

    I probably had nothing to do with your decision, I just want to congratulate you on a fine G-Shock!
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    Re: A belated thank you to you all!

    not sure if I was in, but the G-7700/10 is one of my all time recommendations, you have chosen well

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    Re: A belated thank you to you all!

    That's a great G. I don't know why I haven't got one :(

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