Bergeon 6111 for GW-M5610?

Thread: Bergeon 6111 for GW-M5610?

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    Bergeon 6111 for GW-M5610?

    Just bought a GW-M5610 and love it which is a bit unexpected as I didn't like my old G-5600.

    It is on resin and I am hoping to fit a composite bracelet.

    Will a Bergeon 6111 spring bar tool do the job?

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    Re: Bergeon 6111 for GW-M5610?

    I have a tool bar that's not a Bergeon. It's a generic one that I got from Ebay and I use it all the time to take off and put on G-Shock watch bands. It's the very needle thin part of the tool that I use in order to get into the tight crevice between the band and the watch case to get to the spring bar pin. It's worked for me on my DW6600 and I think that it should also work on your new GWM5610-1 too. Just make sure that you have plenty of light and that you are very careful. The crevice is very tight between the band and the watch case where the spring bar pin is located.

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    Re: Bergeon 6111 for GW-M5610?

    I made a similar post a few weeks back.
    I was pointed towards the Bergeon 6767-F which has a 1 mm fork.

    I know the 6111 also comes with a 1mm fork but it is a lot more expensive.

    Hope this helps.

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