best tough solar g shock under 112.00
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Thread: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

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    best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    what is the best tough solar g shock under 112.00 dollars
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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    GW-M5610-1JF.. Tough solar and multiband 6 at that...

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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    One hundred and TWELVE dollars?!?

    Is this exactly how much you've got to spend or did you just pull a random number out of thin air?

    Do you want this to be "$112 MSRP," or a price that may fluctuate slightly depending on different sellers on Amazon and eBay trying to undercut one another?

    Does this have to include shipping as well?!

    Lastly, define "best" -- do you want the largest display, or the toughest exterior finish on a G-Shock? Do you want digital or ana-digi?

    Overall, though, I'll agree with Shocker and the nod towards the GW-6900-1. If you shop around, you should be able to find that watch, including shipping, for under $100.

    Edit: do you want "tough solar" or "tough solar and atomic multiband?"
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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    There are currently 8 Casio Atomic Solar G-Shocks that are available on Amazon for under $112.00. Hope that this is helpful to you. They are listed below here:

    1. GW9000A-1 ----6 Band Atomic Solar Mudman G-Shock = $93.30

    2. GW6900 ----------6 Band Atomic Solar G-Shock = $79.19

    3. GWM5610-1 ------6 Band Atomic Solar G-Shock = $106.99

    4. GW2310-1 --------6 Band Atomic Solar G-Shock = $69.00

    5. MTGM900DA-8 ----6 Band Atomic Solar G-Shock = $95.92

    6. GW500A-1 --------1 Band Waveceptor Atomic Solar G-Shock = $72.81

    7. GWM500A-1 ------6 Band Atomic Solar G-Shock = $68.09

    8. GWM530A-1 ------6 Band Atomic Solar G-Shock = $89.99
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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    No one mentions the G-5600KG which is quite rare now ?
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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    GW-M5610 is like 106 on amazon, very good deal, the screen is very clear. If you want one with an easy light button to press the GW-6900 which is ;ike 70-80. The 5610 is less bulky.

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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    Found a great one but it was 113.00 sorry. Lol

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    Re: best tough solar g shock under 112.00

    Don't bother doing a research. Z has a record of opening a thread and never come back.

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