A bit hard to readd with the glare....

Thread: A bit hard to readd with the glare....

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    A bit hard to readd with the glare....

    Everyone talks about their Raysman watches so I decided to put mine on for the past day or two and wear mine. Does anyone else feel as I do that with the crystal the way it is, that there is a glare on the screen at some angles and makes it hard to read? Or is it just me? I feel my new Mudman is so much easier to read the the Raysman.

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    Re: A bit hard to readd with the glare....

    Hi Howard,

    The glare on the crystal is been subject here several times. Fact is, when you try to take a photo of it, it's hard to do that without reflection. Indeed, there is some glare in the display, but remember the human eyes have different angles and your hand are always moving when watching your Raysman. So practically the glare doesn't disturb me at all. I often take a Raysman on a Bike trip, where, if I look at the watch, a fast glimps must be sufficient. I never had problems with that.

    Just my 2 cents....


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    Re: A bit hard to read with the glare....

    Sjors: BTW, I put it in my window for a day or so and the battery level went up to 3 bars. It has been very cloudy here this week and rainy because of the hurricanes coming up the coast. I am sure with a sunny day or two next week the battery should top off. What is the life of one of the batteries in a Raysman. I have had mine for many years. It is just the basic one, but I like the Galapagos one I saw here the other day on the fourm.

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