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    Question Blacklight lasting a blink

    The backlight in my GW700DE (module 2866) lasts only an eyeblink, and the 'RECOV' message blinks for a lot of time. Battery indicator is in 'full charge' (and has recently been exposed to the sun of greek islands, so I think it should really be in or near full charge).
    By contrast, when watch was new (7 or 8 years ago), the backlight duration was about 1.5 seconds (still disappointing, but that was what mother Casio did).
    Watch was worn practically continuously until some months ago, when I switched to an analog watch, and kept it in a not-so-lighted place, used only to check time of other house clocks (it's radio controlled). Then I restarted wearing it during holidays.

    Should I have the battery replaced (will bring it to a Casio dealer for servicing) ?
    Worth have also gaskets replaced ?

    Thanks in advance for your advice


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    Re: Blacklight lasting a blink

    Keeping an older solar model in a "not-so-lighted place" for a few months might have damaged an already-weak battery.

    Solar G's that exhibit odd behavior -- in this case, the frequently blinking "RECOV" and oddly-behaving backlight -- while the battery indicator reads "full" is often a sign that the battery does in fact need to be replaced.

    There are several threads in the "Articles and Tutorials" section about replacing a battery yourself, and it's really not that complicated -- most of us here have done it a few times! If you're going to have the back of the watch off anyhow (or if you're paying someone to do it) it might be worth replacing the caseback gasket as well, but it's not always necessary.

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    Re: Blacklight lasting a blink

    I would try an A/C reset first. If that does not do the trick, then yes, change out the rechargeable battery. Regarding the "O" ring, check to see that it is in good condition, you know, no cracks or compression spots. If the ring is in good shape then just use silicone grease to lube it.

    Changing a battery is not difficult and buying a battery is less expensive than paying someone to do it.

    Tutorial from Sjors on changing the battery. Process is the same for the rechargeable CTL-1616.

    Just remember to do an AC reset after the battery is changed. And most importantly, do not over tighten the back plate screws into the resin case.
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