Blue Gulfman - how blue is blue?

Thread: Blue Gulfman - how blue is blue?

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    Blue Gulfman - how blue is blue?

    I know what I really want is an atomic Gulfman*, but my man in Hong Kong can hook me up with a non-atomic one for coppers, and I thought I might indulge myself. I sort-of like the combination of the blue band/bezel and orange text, which reminds me, ironically, of the colours of the of the Gulf-branded Heuer Monaco.

    Question is, how accurate is this representation of the blue colour? I'm not usually one for watches in anything other than black, but if it's genuinely as dark as this, I could probably live with it.

    Any other "real world" pics of this one to share?

    *If this thread turns into another Gulfman versus Gulfman spat, there'll be trouble.

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    Re: Blue Gulfman - how blue is blue?

    "My watch buying policy reaches up to $29.99. PM me if interested" - Vintage

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    Re: Blue Gulfman - how blue is blue?

    Hope this helps you bro

    pics borrowed from fedagent28

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    Re: Blue Gulfman - how blue is blue?

    no photo yet but my son has the blue and it is dark looks great you got nothing to loose if you dont like it you can allways list it on the sales forum someone will pick it up

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