Buying GW-9400 with manufacturers warranty vs Asurion?

Thread: Buying GW-9400 with manufacturers warranty vs Asurion?

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    Buying GW-9400 with manufacturers warranty vs Asurion?

    I would like to pickup this watch. Amazon has it listed from a seller for $240 with a manufacturer warranty. A few other sellers have it for about $180 but with an Asurion warranty. All of the sellers I am considering have a very high feedback rating. Are there pros and cons of buying the watch with the manufacturer warranty or should I just get the cheapest? This will be my first Gshock from Amazon. I have Amazon gift cards so I have to buy it from Amazon. Thanks for any feedback!

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    Re: Buying GW-9400 with manufacturers warranty vs Asurion?

    I personally would go with the cheaper price. I don't think the Casio warranty warrants (no pun intended) that much of a price difference. I've luckily never had to use the warranty on any of my G's, but I would think that being associated with Amazon, the Asurion would be just as good (and possibly better) if you were to ever run into any issues.

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    Re: Buying GW-9400 with manufacturers warranty vs Asurion?

    I'm sure if you buy from Amazon directly, if you find detective product, you declare and will receive in some days the replacement, you have some weeks to send the defective watch, if not, you must pay the replacement also.
    This service I think can be the difference, but not $60.

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    Re: Buying GW-9400 with manufacturers warranty vs Asurion?

    Buying gray market is always a risk/benefit consideration. The vast majority of G-Shocks work perfectly out of the box and never need warranty work. There is of course a small percentage of the watches sold that have issues. I bought a GA-1000 from Amazon last year and the backlight quit working. It occurred within the 30 day return window so I sent it back for a full refund and ordered a different watch. Is the price difference of $60 worth the risk of having the watch break and having Assurion deal with the issue rather than Casio? We can't answer that question --only you can. Some posters here have reported decent service from Assurion. Some have not. There have also been similar reports about Casio warranty service: some good, some bad. So the question again comes around to whether the $60 is worth the piece of mind about a consumer item that is known to be pretty reliable.

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