buying from the US via ebay

Thread: buying from the US via ebay

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    buying from the US via ebay

    got another g shock on my ebay watchlist, which, including shipping totals approx gbp 29.00.
    in the auction description it states

    All Non USA Customers will be subject to taxes and custom fees that will be collected at the time of delivery by the shipping carrier.
    anyone UK based able to give me a rough estimate of what these would be ?

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    Re: buying from the US via ebay

    17.5% plus a handling charge from the delivery service.

    Items handled by Royal Mail sometimes slip through with no charge, items handled by Parcelforce never do.
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    Re: buying from the US via ebay

    It may slip in under the radar at that price but customs and parclfarce are pretty hot at relieving you of your hard earned and provide a crap service in return. You have to ask yourself, is it still cheaper to buy it from the US and pay 17.5% plus about £12 to Parcelfarce. My PAW 1300 was still cheaper from the US than buying the equivilent in the UK.

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    Re: buying from the US via ebay

    I've had three (maybe four) watches from the US which have been sent by USPS and have arrived here via the Post Office, and haven't been charged by Customs for any of them.

    Before I ordered the first one I read up on it on the Customs & Excise website, and my recollection is that if the item's value is less than about £20 they charge nothing. The percentage is charged on the full value if the item's value exceeds that figure. BUT, if the total charge is under a certain figure they don't charge you.

    You're probably being charged about £10 shipping, so you probably won't get charged anything. I'm relying on my memory here, so if you want to be sure look it up on the Customs & Excise website. It's heavy going though, and might take more than one read before it makes sense!

    The quote is what 4-watches say in their listings-if that's who's selling the watch you're looking at, they deliver very quickly. One of mine took five days from payment to arrival.

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