Can I plastic weld a case?
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Thread: Can I plastic weld a case?

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    Can I plastic weld a case?

    Not quite a G-Shock but I have a Casio LED-10 Lap timer watch with a black case. Unfortunately the top lug is damaged, it looks like some one didn't understand how a springbar works and levered it out with a screwdriver. I looked online and it appears this watch is quite rare and I don't know where to get spares. So I was wondering if it's possible to repair the case by adding material using a soldering iron, I really don't know what else to do. It's an attractive watch and it would be lovely to wear it.


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    Re: Can I plastic weld a case?

    super/crazy glue?

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    Re: Can I plastic weld a case?

    It's good if you share the watch with pictures. It easier to gauge the degree of repair needed in it.
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    Re: Can I plastic weld a case?

    Just hold a lighter up to it and smoosh the two parts together

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    Re: Can I plastic weld a case?

    Super glues don't adhere to some plastics. If it is the same plastic as the bottle , it won't stick. You can find the same plastic and use a low heat soldering iron with a flat tip that has been untinned so solder won't be in the hot plastic and start in the middle of the crack to melt the inside first then add plastic as you come out to fill it in and then try to mold it as close as possible to the basic shape. You will probably need to carve it a bit with an exacto knife to sculpt it as close as you can to the original shape. Tooth paste is a good substance to polish it with as long as it isn't a gel type. Have fun and hope this helps.
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    Re: Can I plastic weld a case?

    Take a spring bar and lube it with some Vaseline or silicone grease, hold it in place and dab some super glue GEL around the hole and smooth with a toothpick.

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