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    I must have horrible taste. Every G Shock watch that I like nobody stocks. Atleast not here in the US. I first took to the MTG 1500-9AJF. I want both Analog and digital and I wanted a watch that I coulld wear for business. This watch not only looked great, but, dressy as well with all of the functions I liked. It seemed to have the same functions as the Aviator GW 3500B, but, at twice the price. Seemed steep just for the bracelet. Even if I wanted to pay the price, try and find it. Then I saw the 2500-1A and thought that really looked great, especially at under $200, but, I also saw the 2500BD-1A with a metal bracelet and liked it even more. Guess what, nobody carries it. The couple of places I did see it have steep prices. It is priced at about double the 2500b-1A. I guess I must march to the beat of a different drummer.

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    Re: Cannot find Mtg or 2500BD-1a

    They are indeed hard to find models because they sell quite slowly. Try e-mailing the places you have seen them at and offer them a lower but reasonable price, you might be surprised, people are usually willing to cut down on inventory.

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